Say Hello to the Umbrella Bag

A disposable solution for wet floors on rainy days!

Wet Umbrella Bags are the ideal method of eliminating wet and slippery floors in your facility when it’s raining outside. Our umbrella bags are designed to be displayed at the entrance of your building on one of our Umbrella Bag Stands serving as a brilliant way to prevent slip-and-fall injuries while also keeping your floors dry – not to mention how it shows both your customers and employees that you really care!

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The Countless Benefits of the Umbrella Bag

A number of  benefits of the Umbrella Bags follow:

  • Helps prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Gives your facility a cleaner, better impression by guests
  • Keeps floors dry, clean, and attractive
  • Protects customer and personnel clothing from excess umbrella water
  • Reduces time mopping up standing water
  • Reduces the need for excessive floor mats
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We currently carry both the original and biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags as well as metal and hand-made wood Wet Umbrella Bag Stands. Our pricing scheme follows:

Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $52.95 / 2000: $104.95

Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $62.95 / 2000: $117.95

Wet Umbrella Stands

Original: $49.95 / Designer: $164.95

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