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Umbrella Bags and Stands not only keep your floors dry, but also reduce slip and fall liability!

We offer two versions of the Wet Umbrella Bag Stand – the Original and hand-made Designer stands – allowing for a perfect fit in every environment, every-time.

Our Designer Umbrella Bag Stands are available in four different finishes and are all crafted my hand here in Louisville, Kentucky. Each of these beautiful stands features its own unique granite base alongside a stunning hand finished wood post.

The Original Umbrella Stand is one of the most popular stands today. The stand features a telescopic pole and six pound metal base making it one of the most sturdy, versatile Umbrella Bag Stands available. There are also six rubber feet on the stand’s base making for an even stronger grip on the floor.

Note: Both of our Umbrella Bag Stand’s double-sided brackets will hold approximately 300 bags (Sold separately – here) .  


Original Umbrella Bag Stand: $49.95

Designer Umbrella Bag Stand: $164.95


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