Umbrella Bags on a Stand

Umbrella Bags are a disposable plastic bag which can be placed over a wet umbrella coming in from the rain not only protecting your floors, but also reducing slip and fall liability!

Bid farewell to unsightly, unsafe wet floor conditions by using our Wet Umbrella Bags during rainy and snowy conditions! Guests and employees simply open the bag on one of our high-quality Umbrella Bag Stands and pull the bag from the stand in a simple, easy one-handed motion. Our Wet Umbrella Bag has been designed to eliminate dangerous, wet floors in your facility by allowing your customers to store their wet, dripping umbrellas in one of our easy to use plastic umbrella bags.

The Benefits

  • Helps prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Gives your facility a cleaner, better impression by guests
  • Keeps floors dry, clean, and attractive
  • Protects customer and personnel clothing from excess umbrella water
  • Reduces time mopping up standing water
  • Reduces the need for excessive floor mats

Bag Specs

  • Size: 7 x 4 x 25.5 + 1.5
  • Gauge: .0007 (7 mil)
  • Film Color: Clear
  • Film Type: HDPE
  • Colors: 2 colors / 1 side
  • Warning Statement: Standard #2


Original Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $52.95 / 2000: $104.95

Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $62.95 /  2000: $117.95


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